Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist

Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist


Surely, finding yourself with an air conditioning system that doesn’t work or not cooling properly in the midst of a hot summer or cold winter season will leave you feeling uncomfortable and miserable in your home. Air Conditioning and heating systems are a big investment and the best way to protect that investment is by having regular maintenance performed on your system. It prolongs the life span of your system as well as keeping manufacturers warranties valid.

It is the key to avoiding frequent breakdowns and costly repairs, as well as ensuring that the system always operates at its full capacity and peak efficiency.

It’s our duty to service, repair and maintain your system, but it’s your responsibility as the owner to see to it that your AC unit is maintained on an annual basis. Truly it’s an expense but at the same time, you reap the rewards in lower energy bills, a more comfortable environment, and a prolonged AC system lifespan. 


If you want to increase the number of years that your air conditioner will last, you must make sure that it is maintained on a regular basis. Regular maintenance means that small problems are taken care of before they become catastrophic.
We are well versed with old and new systems, coupled with the knowledge and expertise to service them correctly first time. Our good relationship with major brands manufacturers makes repair time shorter and consistently fast. If it’s fixable, definitely our highly trained Technicians will bring it to normal working life again fast.
If you find yourself facing a repair or replacement decision, we can help you make the smartest choice for your needs. We will respect your luxury property’s top class finishes and treat them with exceptional care during all phases of work at your residence.


To enjoy conditioned comfort in your home or office your unit must run efficiently, smoothly and operate quietly. Routine maintenance, such as changing a bad capacitor, refrigerant recharge, checking gas pressure levels for example, require well trained professionals.

In most cases when your air conditioning system is no longer cooling properly or warming up your environment as it used to, it’s an indication that your system has an issue that needs professional attention.

Clean Air

One of the best benefits to keeping your air conditioning unit clean is the quality of air that is produced. A dirty air conditioning unit or filter can pollute the air that is circulated throughout your home. Dirt, allergens, and other particles can build up in the system and then cause blockages, or they can be released into the air. Dirty air conditioning units can also be prime breeding grounds for mold, and if mold starts growing in the unit, it’s very likely that mold spores will be spread throughout your home via the air conditioner and cause some health issues.


A well-maintained system runs more efficiently, providing consistent comfort and reducing your energy bills.


Equipment that’s well cared for lasts years longer than neglected systems.


 Regular maintenance helps identify and fix problems before they cause breakdowns


The industry standard life expectancy of a n air conditioner unit is said to be 10-15 years, but if properly maintained it could last few more years, but it doesn’t just happen that’s why we recommend regular services

Whether you need a repair, replacement or new installation, Always Cool can do it!
Do likewise contact us for AC maintenance


We understand that when your home is uncomfortable, it can make you completely miserable. That’s why our trained, trusted and experienced technicians always respond on time, fully stocked with parts and ready to get your air conditioning system working again as quickly as possible. The optimal performance of your system is our priority, on every call our technicians will do a complete inspection and inform you of the system’s current condition as well as any issues that may need to be addressed now or in the future.
We do service and repair all brands and types of air conditioning as long as it’s still have life in it to be restored. If your system is having serious issues, we will recommend a new, more energy efficient and affordable replacement.

Here are some of the problems that can cause your AC unit not to run:


Breakers or Fuses

The main purpose of breakers and fuses is to protect the AC unit’s motor or compressor from overheating and damage.



A bad capacitor will stop the condenser from running.



If the compressor is not working, the AC unit will not cool your space. Lack of enough refrigerant, causes the compressor to run hot and eventually seize.


Condenser Coils

A heavily clogged up condenser coil will cause the AC unit to ice up. Condenser coils are usually located outside with the compressor, so they can become dirty due to weather conditions and debris.



Its purpose is to drain water from the drain pan, but if the drain line becomes clogged up with dirt, dust, and fiber lint, the drain pan will fill up and water will start leaking out causing damage to the AC unit, walls and carpets.


Evaporator Coils

Their main purpose is to absorb heat from the air and send it back into the house as cold air. So, if the coil becomes corroded it will fail to execute its job.


Faulty Contactor

In an AC unit, for the compressor, blower motor, and the condenser fan motor. They all need an electrical connection to start the motors and compressor.



The most reason why air conditioners don’t work properly is a clogged or dirty filter.


Indoor Fan motor

Faulty blower motor causes the fan not to run and also blows the fuse.


Refrigerant leakage

 A refrigerant leak in the system causes the unit not to perform correctly.



Make sure your thermostat is on the correct setting.


Even the most well maintained Air Conditioning systems will eventually need to be replaced. We offer units that operate quietly, reliable systems that are highly energy-efficient and consistently receive the highest customer ratings.
Our depth of experience allows us to give dependable and responsible recommendations when you’re facing a repair or replacement decision. Our friendly, professional staff will explain things in terms you can understand. We ensure the right air conditioner size is installed for your room. We make sure the replacement unit is far much better in terms of quality, energy efficiency, providing consistent comfort, and offers optimal performance, as well as cost effective to you.

Here are the benefits of replacing your A/C unit



New air conditioners have higher S.E.E.R rating. That means they are more efficient than older models. While newer models have a S.E.ER rating of around 13 or 14 and can go as high as 23, older air conditioners have S.E.E.R ratings below 10. The higher the S.E.E.R rating, the better and the more money you’ll save.
What do I mean by higher S.E.E.R rating, S.E.E.R is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it rates the efficiency of an air conditioner. The most important thing to know about this term is that the higher the S.E.E.R rating, the more efficient your system is.
New systems use the environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, unlike R22 which is being faced out. If you have an old system, getting a new, modern system will improve efficiency considerably.


The Benefit of a High S.E.E.R Unit

The higher an air conditioner’s S.E.E.R rating, the more efficient the unit is. When your air conditioner is running efficiently, you’ll use less energy. That means you can expect lower electricity bills than in past summers. In fact, many of our customers have seen up to 40% cost reduction on their utility bills! And since you are using less energy, you are also being more environmentally friendly.



A new system can run more quietly and will provide even cooling throughout the home. Your air may be leaner too. Since the system is new, it means the air is clean free of dust or other impurities. It will also most likely have a better filtration system than an older model.



Old appliances break down more often than new ones because their parts are worn out and have been working hard for a number of years. New systems run better and haven’t been worked as much. That means you won’t need as many repairs done to your system – if any – for a number of years as long as you keep up on air conditioner maintenance.



A new installed air conditioner enhances the value of your home. Firstly, people like to have new appliances in their new home because they know that they will not have to worry about having to replace it anytime soon. A newer system will also provide all of the benefits listed in this post, including a lower cost to operate it, something buyers take into consideration.



As technology evolves so do air conditioning systems as well, latest brands and newer vision have become smarter, quieter, energy conserving and economical to run as they keep your energy bills down. Always Cool can assist you decide on your dream air conditioning unit and install it professionally.

Our dedicated team with years of experience in the industry would be delighted to help you choose an air conditioning replacement of your choice. We offer emergency service when you need immediate repair, just call us immediately. We deliver high level of expertise, fast, friendly and cost-effective support. You are guaranteed best products, service and best value for money!

No business owner would entertain unnecessary disruptions of business activities due to non-working air conditioning unit, you might be forced to shut down the office, or loose clients due to breakdowns. For fast, effective, and quality commercial air conditioning replacement and installation, reach out to the cooling specialist at Always Cool Air Conditioning. There is a reason why thousands of people see us as the best in the area. We can take your commercial space to new heights with a highly-efficient brand new AC unit.


When you are doing home redesigning or renovations, our team of professionals will assist you to remove the units. Paving way for your renovations to be carried out smoothly, reinstall the units after the work has been done in the most efficient, fast and economical manner possible. You could be relocating from your current premises to the new ones, we will gladly help you to design, install and configure the system according to your preference and satisfaction.